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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

brochures for free! who wants some?

The title said it all
I'm talking about my project with Iya for Social studies, English and T.L.E.
We've spent our entire 1 month

We spent our free time when our class got suspended because of the H1N1 virus
We can pretend if what kind of products that we want to advertise and what kind of business we want
we came up of a fashion business

1st we thought of the name for our store,
we came up the name "
Here's the explanation why it was named like that

1st is that our materials being used are all eco-friendly one

2nd is that we are eating LOLLIPOPS *played the song Lolli-lolli lollipop*
so that's why... hahahaha

credits to
yesstyle for the products and livgrn for the descriptions

so here's the outcome:
(click for a better view)
so...? did we convince you?


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