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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

brochures for free! who wants some?

The title said it all
I'm talking about my project with Iya for Social studies, English and T.L.E.
We've spent our entire 1 month

We spent our free time when our class got suspended because of the H1N1 virus
We can pretend if what kind of products that we want to advertise and what kind of business we want
we came up of a fashion business

1st we thought of the name for our store,
we came up the name "
Here's the explanation why it was named like that

1st is that our materials being used are all eco-friendly one

2nd is that we are eating LOLLIPOPS *played the song Lolli-lolli lollipop*
so that's why... hahahaha

credits to
yesstyle for the products and livgrn for the descriptions

so here's the outcome:
(click for a better view)
so...? did we convince you?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

twitter update

tweet tweet!
I've been using twitter since April 31 woohoo
Today, I change my layout in tweeter, it's a bit of dull and innocent feel cause gray is my favorite color

check it out:
credits bg: ego-box

so what can you say?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

friday update

*phew* YAY! ITs.... FRIDAY! woohoo
I'm so so so so happy
Today's the end our exam week
no more pressure, stress, torture and... studying for now T-T
These week exams made my nose bleed.
Recently, after each exams my head hurts maybe my brain got drained.
I am sick right now, I don't know if it's stress or I got it from my friend or just sleepy (it's 12 am right now, and I am still awake, Good Morning!)
This after we planned to go to badminton world but too bad 2 of my pals were not allowed
so... Rachelle and I decided to go to the mall and window shop (I'm broke), we had fun
We saw 2 lovers dating namely P........ and A........ (I won't reveal their names for privacy, or maybe just take a lucky guess)
Oh well, this week I've been through a lot of thinking.
I've been planning to make reviews on different topics like anime, movies, shops, clothes, and etc... and it will all be posted in this blog. So always visit my blog for more new posts.

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by my friend Rachelle. This game is called the Chinese tag game and I don't really know how to play this Maybe I'll just copy from Rachelle's (just kidding)


1.) Once you're tagged, you have to respond.

2.) Answer this TRUTHFULLY.

3.) When you're done, you should tag 3 people.

4.) Have fun!

PhotobucketWhich part of china are you from?

china?? I'm from the Philippines but my ancestors are from China.

PhotobucketDo you have pressure to get straight A's at school?
Yes, since 1/2 of the students in our class are honor students. I'm getting crazy everytime I think about it. Straight A's are very impossible to obtain especially some subject matters are very complicated to understand. And when you are really really really LAZY like ME.

PhotobucketDo you fit into asian stereotypes?

Yes, because when I took the quiz in facebook, and the result was that I am 80% asian. I love listening to asian songs, especially k-pop, c-pop and j-pop. I even follow the latest fashion trend of asian countries. I could blend in easily.

PhotobucketRice or chow mein?

rice, I can't eat happily without rice. My sidedish would not be complete without it. And my my whole body is craving for it. haha Rice addiction

PhotobucketIs your future partner going to be chinese too?
My mom, grandma, dad... for short my whole family wants my partner to be chinese, but I don't think I couldn't meet up with my future partner since it's almost the end. (If you ask what does the end mean? don't ask me, I forgot)


Tag your it!

PhotobucketMika PhotobucketGeena PhotobucketAnnaCleo

Monday, August 10, 2009

curl twirl swirl

Last Saturday, I was sooo bored, after taking a shower, I thought of the brush iron (I don't know what's it really called XD) that my mom gave me 3 or 4 yrs ago, that I found together with the cellphone chargers.
Then I thought and thought what will I do with it so... I came up with an idea to try and curl my hair since I really want to change my hairstyle. hahahaha Sisisisi Pictures, Images and Photos (gee... my boyish side is starting to shed off NOOOO! =D) soo... here's how it looks like...

brush iron

the result ( it reminded me of my hair last prom but it was curlier )

Friday, August 7, 2009

rollercoster day

*phew* today is the last day of our unit test, I didn't study well due to lack of sleep and stress *cries*.
When we took the test in Filipino, I can't concentrate well because of the noise outside especially the practices and jamming sessions ( I don't really blame them ).
I really hate paragraphs that needs filling up some words (it's my weakness) T____T.
Today is also our "polish" for our Ragragsakan dance, and I'm so tired, we tried the dance together with our skirts, props and we took off our shoes and just barefooted (my feet is so diirtyyyy!).
I'm also happy today because when we had our mandarin lessons, my worries were all gone!
We had a market game, first 4 to finish will have a biscuit reward (woohoo and I won!).
Since, my friend didn't won, I just shared to them my biscuit but when I opened the plastik.........
whoooosh~~~~~~! there goes the biscuit flying down to the floor, we were all like O O! *mouth open, toungue out, still in shock* 0

good thing Geena took it from the floor and it didn't pass 5 seconds but we were still debating if we'll eat it or not, but we just said that it didn't pass 5 seconds or 5 minutes. Sooooo... It's still clean hahahhaha rofl!
Then after the practice, I went straight home and went to Mang Inasal!, I ate 3 cups of rice! woohoo, I was really really hungry!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009



I've been stalking on this site for 2 months already, I really love their products so chic and girl-ish, there really are kawaii.

The first thing that really caught my attention is their layout. It's shape like a house, I think they made it like this to make people feel at home. It really is sooo pink. I really like it. One of the products that I love is their bags, It is very compatible, it can become a shoulder bag, sling bag, handbag and backpack. And when you will buy 2 or more you will get a freebie and it is also free shipping, it's really really affordable. I also love their korean apparels so cute and stylish. I think the best selling stuff are the GEO lenses because it makes you have doll eyes.
My mom and my aunt also plans to order 3 bags. hahaha =)) Another cool thing about the shop is that their packaging is very pink and awesome. I will stop stalking the shop if I"ll send my orders. =))

visit them at http://thepinkshoppe.multiply.com


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