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Friday, August 7, 2009

rollercoster day

*phew* today is the last day of our unit test, I didn't study well due to lack of sleep and stress *cries*.
When we took the test in Filipino, I can't concentrate well because of the noise outside especially the practices and jamming sessions ( I don't really blame them ).
I really hate paragraphs that needs filling up some words (it's my weakness) T____T.
Today is also our "polish" for our Ragragsakan dance, and I'm so tired, we tried the dance together with our skirts, props and we took off our shoes and just barefooted (my feet is so diirtyyyy!).
I'm also happy today because when we had our mandarin lessons, my worries were all gone!
We had a market game, first 4 to finish will have a biscuit reward (woohoo and I won!).
Since, my friend didn't won, I just shared to them my biscuit but when I opened the plastik.........
whoooosh~~~~~~! there goes the biscuit flying down to the floor, we were all like O O! *mouth open, toungue out, still in shock* 0

good thing Geena took it from the floor and it didn't pass 5 seconds but we were still debating if we'll eat it or not, but we just said that it didn't pass 5 seconds or 5 minutes. Sooooo... It's still clean hahahhaha rofl!
Then after the practice, I went straight home and went to Mang Inasal!, I ate 3 cups of rice! woohoo, I was really really hungry!


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