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Monday, March 9, 2009

SOrry sorry full song

I really love this song!
It is so catchy
I cant anymore determine who sings this and that part
I mixed up kyuhyun's and hankyung's voice and eunhyuk's and sungmin's voices

here is the lyrics:

*Sorry Shawty Sorry Shawty
naega naega naega meonjeo
nege nege nege ppajeo
ppajeo ppajeo beoryeo baby

Sorry Shawty Sorry Shawty
nuni busyeo busyeo busyeo
sumi makyeo makyeo makyeo
naega micheo micheo baby

baraboneun nunbit soge
nunbit soge naneun machi
naneun machi mwoe hollin nom
ijen beoseonajido motae
georeooneun neoui moseup
neoui moseup neoneun machi
simjangeul bapgo wannabwa
ijen beoseonajido motae

eodil gana dangdanghage
unneun neoneun maeryeokjjeok
chakan yeoja ilsaegiran
saenggaktteureun bopyeonjeok
dodohage geochim eopkke
jeongmal neoneun hwansangjeok
dorikil su eopsseulmankeum
nege ppajeo beoryeosseo

(repeat *)

**ttan-ttan ttan-tta-da tta tta-ran-ttan
ttan-ttan ttan-tta-da tta
nege banhaebeoryeosseo baby
ttan-ttan ttan-tta-da tta tta-ran-ttan
ttan-ttan ttan-tta-da tta tta-ra-ppa-ppa-ra

Hey girl gir gir gir gir gir girl i
nunmantteumyeon ni
janakkaena sasil neo hana bakke anboyeo
malhaebwa ni mme naega
malhaebwa jari jabanneunji
malhaejwo naege malhaejwo
naneun babo babo babo

jubyeon saramdeureun malhae
naega neomu jeokkkeukjjeok
i sesange geureon saram
eodi handurinyago
geugeol molla geunyeol molla
sigihamyeo haneun mal
naega bureopttamyeon geugeon
geudaedeuri jineun geo

(repeat * and **)

Let's dance dance dance dance
Let's dance dance dance dance
Let's dance dance dance dance dance dance

Hey ije geuman naege wajullae
jeongmal michil geonman gata yeah
nan neoman saranghago sipeo
jeoldae dasi hannun pal saenggak eopsseo hey

aeiniragiboda chingugateun
naega doego sipeo
neoui modeun gomin seulpeum
hamkke ganjikagopa
dasi eopsseul mankeum mankeum
neoreul neomu saranghae
naega baran saram niga baro geu
that that that girl

(repeat *)

oi lee family day

Last March 7, 2009 was Oi lee family day
We have so much fun
I'm a bit speechless *ehmmm*
1st I told mommy joi to wait for me at greenwhich so she and the others went there then we went up to lito sy to wait for soi and woi, (so sad that noi wasn't there) then we roamed around while waiting, hoi called joi that he and toi was waiting at grrenwhich, so we went there, then went back to lito sy met up with woi then went to sonic boom to wait for boi but he just woke up, coincidently we met russel and faith and they come with us, so went to lito sy to get our picture done. then we saw rain and key look alike again for the 4th time. Then we watched confessions of shopaholic then we departed. That's what happened (sorry dont know how to tell stories)

here are some photos:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


my long wait is now finally over! hooray!!!
after receiving a text message from one of the admins of elf phil.
that the teaser photos of super junior just released
After reading, I can't wait to went home and spazz! XD

I really can't wait to get my hands on their album!!!

Kibum is now back!
their all 13!!! (what happened to the 2?!)

here are the teaser pics:

Monday, March 2, 2009

Experimental works

When I started joining forums
The no. 1 thing that I usually notices are the sigs and avatars
I know how to make avatars and sigs but only simple ones not like the pros
I found some tutorials at shineee.net
I learned a lot, and I would like to thank those who posted the tutorials
Here are some experimental works: only have five (T-T)

my very first :D

A trial after the tutorial
current sig at soshified
current sig at shineee.net forums
a gift to my secret valentine
*planning to make more soon if I'm not lazy anymore

my latest addiction XD

Girls Generation

ever since Girls Generation's comeback with their new song GEE
I become addicted to it.
I cannot believe my self, my feelings for so nyuh shi dae have change
I'm starting to like them but not Taeyeon because I liked her ever since their debut haha
I've been longing for their comeback before
I had waited for 9 months and their finally back!
When I first heard about the song Gee, for me it sounded so corny and childish but after hearing it more than twice, I can't believe myself, I can't stop listening to it.
Even my friends said so...
For her, the Gee Gee Gee... parts were a bit annoying! hahaha
These girls have many antis before because of the rumored relationships and etc... but now people like them so much! haha
They already have their 7th consecutive win this week!

promo posters!

*the song is on my list ^-^

Summer Vacation is near!

summer vacation is drawing nearer and nearer!
It's already near but I became lazier than before >.<
and right now, I still need to comply all my requirements like math, social studies and english.
This week we're having our unit test!
I'm half studying and half using the computer *nyahahaha*
I wish I can pass

*nerd time*


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