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Monday, March 2, 2009

my latest addiction XD

Girls Generation

ever since Girls Generation's comeback with their new song GEE
I become addicted to it.
I cannot believe my self, my feelings for so nyuh shi dae have change
I'm starting to like them but not Taeyeon because I liked her ever since their debut haha
I've been longing for their comeback before
I had waited for 9 months and their finally back!
When I first heard about the song Gee, for me it sounded so corny and childish but after hearing it more than twice, I can't believe myself, I can't stop listening to it.
Even my friends said so...
For her, the Gee Gee Gee... parts were a bit annoying! hahaha
These girls have many antis before because of the rumored relationships and etc... but now people like them so much! haha
They already have their 7th consecutive win this week!

promo posters!

*the song is on my list ^-^


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