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Monday, March 9, 2009

oi lee family day

Last March 7, 2009 was Oi lee family day
We have so much fun
I'm a bit speechless *ehmmm*
1st I told mommy joi to wait for me at greenwhich so she and the others went there then we went up to lito sy to wait for soi and woi, (so sad that noi wasn't there) then we roamed around while waiting, hoi called joi that he and toi was waiting at grrenwhich, so we went there, then went back to lito sy met up with woi then went to sonic boom to wait for boi but he just woke up, coincidently we met russel and faith and they come with us, so went to lito sy to get our picture done. then we saw rain and key look alike again for the 4th time. Then we watched confessions of shopaholic then we departed. That's what happened (sorry dont know how to tell stories)

here are some photos:


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