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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Deco den

I decorated my phone due to boredom hahaha
This is how it looks like
so what you think? :D

santa claus is coming to town

wee! one day to go and it's already Christmas day!
last December 18 was the christmas party at our school
and I receive lots our presents and I am so grateful to those who gave me gifts
love you guys!

And these are the stuffs that I gave to my teachers and friends ^^

necklaces and bracelets were given to my teachers

cute watch and cute cellphone charms

and at december 26, 27 and 28 will be our anime cafe, weee
getting excited!
but I still need to pick-up my costume >.<>

MCS '09

*phew* at last the cosplay ended perfectly ^^
It was held last October 30 and November 7
On the 1st day, there were only walk-in, solo and pair skit competitions,
but only my friend joined the walk-in and she won!
On the 2nd day, We showed to everyone our skit, even though we made a lot of mistakes,
we still had fun!
My friends from "DEATH DAYS" won the 2nd place for the group skit
and also I had met a lot of people and became friends

here are some pics:

for reference:
Me as Hoshina Utau
Iya as Shirley Fenett
Mika as her own character
Janine as kotonoha
Aila as Jandi
Geena as Rima

cosplayed as Buono

last part of the event; ate ping performed


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