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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Deco den

I decorated my phone due to boredom hahaha
This is how it looks like
so what you think? :D

santa claus is coming to town

wee! one day to go and it's already Christmas day!
last December 18 was the christmas party at our school
and I receive lots our presents and I am so grateful to those who gave me gifts
love you guys!

And these are the stuffs that I gave to my teachers and friends ^^

necklaces and bracelets were given to my teachers

cute watch and cute cellphone charms

and at december 26, 27 and 28 will be our anime cafe, weee
getting excited!
but I still need to pick-up my costume >.<>

MCS '09

*phew* at last the cosplay ended perfectly ^^
It was held last October 30 and November 7
On the 1st day, there were only walk-in, solo and pair skit competitions,
but only my friend joined the walk-in and she won!
On the 2nd day, We showed to everyone our skit, even though we made a lot of mistakes,
we still had fun!
My friends from "DEATH DAYS" won the 2nd place for the group skit
and also I had met a lot of people and became friends

here are some pics:

for reference:
Me as Hoshina Utau
Iya as Shirley Fenett
Mika as her own character
Janine as kotonoha
Aila as Jandi
Geena as Rima

cosplayed as Buono

last part of the event; ate ping performed

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tada! update + haul + surprise

*phew* It's been 1 month since my last update on my blog hahaha
I really wanted to have an update few days ago but I was lazy ( I'm blaming myself XD )Photobucket
Last August 21 was Aila's birthday, we made the SUROO project 3.0 ( I'm not sure )

We made a surprise birthday party for her with the help of her mom
actually, It's not only Aila's birthday we celebrated but also Janine's too (even though it's already been 1 month =D) we gave her a gift together with Aila's. Photobucket
We surprised her when we were inside the movie theater :)) She almost cried
So here are the gifts that we gave:

the mini fan is for Janine, while the pink HK bag for Aila

my Haul for September
bought this headphone at CD-R king It's really cheap XD

my new PSP silicon case, it has a glass protector
and UV shield case for the back part

my most favorite Photobucket haul of the month!
plastic slice of cake with a very big smile together with a lolita hat

It's so kawaii!

Etude house VIP pk 007
I bought this one online @ http://trinketi.multiply.com


These month of September,
we joined lots and lots of activities like:
Science Day camp
Advance games for Sportsfest
Tree planting
DSPC competition
water rocket

*I will upload the photos soon*Photobucket

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

brochures for free! who wants some?

The title said it all
I'm talking about my project with Iya for Social studies, English and T.L.E.
We've spent our entire 1 month

We spent our free time when our class got suspended because of the H1N1 virus
We can pretend if what kind of products that we want to advertise and what kind of business we want
we came up of a fashion business

1st we thought of the name for our store,
we came up the name "
Here's the explanation why it was named like that

1st is that our materials being used are all eco-friendly one

2nd is that we are eating LOLLIPOPS *played the song Lolli-lolli lollipop*
so that's why... hahahaha

credits to
yesstyle for the products and livgrn for the descriptions

so here's the outcome:
(click for a better view)
so...? did we convince you?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

twitter update

tweet tweet!
I've been using twitter since April 31 woohoo
Today, I change my layout in tweeter, it's a bit of dull and innocent feel cause gray is my favorite color

check it out:
credits bg: ego-box

so what can you say?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

friday update

*phew* YAY! ITs.... FRIDAY! woohoo
I'm so so so so happy
Today's the end our exam week
no more pressure, stress, torture and... studying for now T-T
These week exams made my nose bleed.
Recently, after each exams my head hurts maybe my brain got drained.
I am sick right now, I don't know if it's stress or I got it from my friend or just sleepy (it's 12 am right now, and I am still awake, Good Morning!)
This after we planned to go to badminton world but too bad 2 of my pals were not allowed
so... Rachelle and I decided to go to the mall and window shop (I'm broke), we had fun
We saw 2 lovers dating namely P........ and A........ (I won't reveal their names for privacy, or maybe just take a lucky guess)
Oh well, this week I've been through a lot of thinking.
I've been planning to make reviews on different topics like anime, movies, shops, clothes, and etc... and it will all be posted in this blog. So always visit my blog for more new posts.

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by my friend Rachelle. This game is called the Chinese tag game and I don't really know how to play this Maybe I'll just copy from Rachelle's (just kidding)


1.) Once you're tagged, you have to respond.

2.) Answer this TRUTHFULLY.

3.) When you're done, you should tag 3 people.

4.) Have fun!

PhotobucketWhich part of china are you from?

china?? I'm from the Philippines but my ancestors are from China.

PhotobucketDo you have pressure to get straight A's at school?
Yes, since 1/2 of the students in our class are honor students. I'm getting crazy everytime I think about it. Straight A's are very impossible to obtain especially some subject matters are very complicated to understand. And when you are really really really LAZY like ME.

PhotobucketDo you fit into asian stereotypes?

Yes, because when I took the quiz in facebook, and the result was that I am 80% asian. I love listening to asian songs, especially k-pop, c-pop and j-pop. I even follow the latest fashion trend of asian countries. I could blend in easily.

PhotobucketRice or chow mein?

rice, I can't eat happily without rice. My sidedish would not be complete without it. And my my whole body is craving for it. haha Rice addiction

PhotobucketIs your future partner going to be chinese too?
My mom, grandma, dad... for short my whole family wants my partner to be chinese, but I don't think I couldn't meet up with my future partner since it's almost the end. (If you ask what does the end mean? don't ask me, I forgot)


Tag your it!

PhotobucketMika PhotobucketGeena PhotobucketAnnaCleo


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