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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tada! update + haul + surprise

*phew* It's been 1 month since my last update on my blog hahaha
I really wanted to have an update few days ago but I was lazy ( I'm blaming myself XD )Photobucket
Last August 21 was Aila's birthday, we made the SUROO project 3.0 ( I'm not sure )

We made a surprise birthday party for her with the help of her mom
actually, It's not only Aila's birthday we celebrated but also Janine's too (even though it's already been 1 month =D) we gave her a gift together with Aila's. Photobucket
We surprised her when we were inside the movie theater :)) She almost cried
So here are the gifts that we gave:

the mini fan is for Janine, while the pink HK bag for Aila

my Haul for September
bought this headphone at CD-R king It's really cheap XD

my new PSP silicon case, it has a glass protector
and UV shield case for the back part

my most favorite Photobucket haul of the month!
plastic slice of cake with a very big smile together with a lolita hat

It's so kawaii!

Etude house VIP pk 007
I bought this one online @ http://trinketi.multiply.com


These month of September,
we joined lots and lots of activities like:
Science Day camp
Advance games for Sportsfest
Tree planting
DSPC competition
water rocket

*I will upload the photos soon*Photobucket


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