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Saturday, August 15, 2009

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by my friend Rachelle. This game is called the Chinese tag game and I don't really know how to play this Maybe I'll just copy from Rachelle's (just kidding)


1.) Once you're tagged, you have to respond.

2.) Answer this TRUTHFULLY.

3.) When you're done, you should tag 3 people.

4.) Have fun!

PhotobucketWhich part of china are you from?

china?? I'm from the Philippines but my ancestors are from China.

PhotobucketDo you have pressure to get straight A's at school?
Yes, since 1/2 of the students in our class are honor students. I'm getting crazy everytime I think about it. Straight A's are very impossible to obtain especially some subject matters are very complicated to understand. And when you are really really really LAZY like ME.

PhotobucketDo you fit into asian stereotypes?

Yes, because when I took the quiz in facebook, and the result was that I am 80% asian. I love listening to asian songs, especially k-pop, c-pop and j-pop. I even follow the latest fashion trend of asian countries. I could blend in easily.

PhotobucketRice or chow mein?

rice, I can't eat happily without rice. My sidedish would not be complete without it. And my my whole body is craving for it. haha Rice addiction

PhotobucketIs your future partner going to be chinese too?
My mom, grandma, dad... for short my whole family wants my partner to be chinese, but I don't think I couldn't meet up with my future partner since it's almost the end. (If you ask what does the end mean? don't ask me, I forgot)


Tag your it!

PhotobucketMika PhotobucketGeena PhotobucketAnnaCleo


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