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Tuesday, August 4, 2009



I've been stalking on this site for 2 months already, I really love their products so chic and girl-ish, there really are kawaii.

The first thing that really caught my attention is their layout. It's shape like a house, I think they made it like this to make people feel at home. It really is sooo pink. I really like it. One of the products that I love is their bags, It is very compatible, it can become a shoulder bag, sling bag, handbag and backpack. And when you will buy 2 or more you will get a freebie and it is also free shipping, it's really really affordable. I also love their korean apparels so cute and stylish. I think the best selling stuff are the GEO lenses because it makes you have doll eyes.
My mom and my aunt also plans to order 3 bags. hahaha =)) Another cool thing about the shop is that their packaging is very pink and awesome. I will stop stalking the shop if I"ll send my orders. =))

visit them at http://thepinkshoppe.multiply.com


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