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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Food3rip! part 1

When we went to Macau and Hong Kong, Our favorite part of our vacation is EATING,
Spazzing on different restaurants and stuff. hahaha
2 years ago, I love to explore Wu Zun's blog
I noticed that he loves to take pictures of the food that he eats
(I envied him since he travels a lot).
Since then, he gave me the inspiration to take pictures of the food
I made a commitment to myself that no matter what happens,
I'll take picture of yummy foods.

=~=some of the yummy foods:=~=


{spicy fish heads}
{don't know what its called}

{cookies below, abalone on top}

{famous food at cafe e.skimo, rice tops with porkchop filled with tomato sauce and
cheese being baked}


{japanese salad}

{eel sushi}

(did you drool? hahaha kidding)
I'll post a 2nd part of this one since I have many pictures


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