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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Forever Friends Day!

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Last May 2, 2009, was the 2nd E.L.F Gathering, There were approximately 18-20 members (only official members of E.L.F Phil.) who attended. Started at almost 1:30 because we were still waiting for the others to arrived. We started with a prayer then read the letter sent by the staffs. After everything, we called out the fans of each member of super junior. We discussed about the past lives of the members especially about Hankyung's life when he transferred to Korea. Then we had our break time, we ate double cheese burger with french fries *yum* haha... After eating, we practiced for the contest. We suggested to have a group contest instead of individual performance. There were two groups competed, the other group is "SuRoo" (yup, that's right, that's what we call to my group, it means Super Rookie, inspiration from Super Junior) (too bad we didn't win, but the other group shared their prize with us.). Then we dance to sorry2 and gee, it's a little embarrassing cause lots of people staring @-@.

{word of the day: BaBo! no no no no no HA!} LOL


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