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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

almost~! NAH~!

Today~ May 4, 2009, me and joi tried to broke our record. What record? The record I'm talking about is by talking online by using Skype just for 10 hours, not really talking as long as it is on, upto 10 hours. We started at 10:32, then we chatted and talk, talk , talk. And I pretended to ba a radio DJ, I am taking a song request from Kelly, then I played it through itunes. The sound wasn't bad, we can hear it loud and clear. The funny part is that skype is already complaining due to the background noises. It left some note like "a lot of background noises in your computer", I just ignored it. hahaha XD I am making a countdown like 4 hours more to go and 3 hours more to go but when we are so close to accomplishing our tasks, Kelly got disconnected!! Oh MY! we are SO SO SO CLOSE but then T-T NOOO!! then we ended at 6:06 I hope tomorrow we will be able to have that record.
Last year, We tried to have this kind of task but we only ended up to 8 hours, so we tried today but failed.


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