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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fresh light Blythe: maple brown

I dyed my hair last March 13 since my roots have already grown since my last dye (8 months ago oTL).
It's very uneven already but my friends told me that it's not really visible since it blends well with my "original" hair.
It's only visible when it will be photographed.
This is my second time to dye my hair
and I chose fresh light blythe maple brown.
It's a foam dye so it's very easy to use when you're on your own.
It's like a shampoo where you could just massage it.

I bought this at bonjour, hongkong for about $69 (Hk dollars) (400 php)

content of the box:

Foam dye tutorial ^-^
[I can't find the tutorial of freshlight in youtube so I use prettia instead since they are just the same]

my hair before
{sorry for the makeup free face}


makes hair smoother and softer
less hairfall
has a sweet smell
easy to use
not that pricey

hard to find

If you're wondering why I didn't use prettia or palty is because I have read reviews that it makes hair a bit dry and uneven.
so I really recommend this brand and I will definitely repurchase this.

For infos about other fresh light products refer here: fresh light blythe


  1. wow i love how it turned out!!! i really like that color, i hope i can find it though -_-

    anyways thanks for sharing
    love your blog so i'm now following!!!
    i hope u stop by mine and follow if you like ^_^

  2. Did you use one pack or 2 packs for the coverage?



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